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NICE (Network for Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators) 2017 안내
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  • 날짜2017-06-15 17:13:07
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NICE(Network for Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators) 2017 안내

Chair of NICE 2017 : Prof. Dae Hong JEONG
Date: July 26~ 28, 2017
              (22, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)


The purpose of NICE symposium is promoting the communication between inter-Asian chemistry educators, exchanging the chemistry teaching strategies and materials in different countries, as well as sharing the fruitful results.


► Technology-supported Education
- Instructional strategies, Use of audio-visual instruments in classes, Flipped-learning, AR/VR etc.

► STEM/STEAM in chemistry education

► Substantiality and Green chemistry education
- Chemistry in daily life, Attitude toward chemistry

► Curriculum standards in chemistry education reforms
- Lab activities, Students' conceptions and conceptual change, Chemistry for excellence, etc

► System renovation
- Free Semester, etc

* Plenary lectures
* Oral presentations
* Poster presentations
* Demonstrations and Workshops
* Exhibition of media, textbooks and experiment equipment
* Sharing / exhibiting of products of science fairs

Participants: The conference welcomes in-service teachers, professors, researchers, graduate/undergraduate students who have a mind to promote chemistry education.

Time Table:
July 26: AM Opening ceremony, Plenary lectures, Oral presentations, PM Demonstrations and Workshops, Poster presentations
July 27: AM Oral presentations, PM Demonstrations and Workshops, Poster presentations, Closing ceremony

July 28: School visits and International Students exchange

Important Dates (Deadline)
* Early registration : 1, March 2017 ~ 31, May 2017
* Registration : 16, June 2017 ~ 25, July 2017
* Abstract submission : 1, March 2017 ~ 25, May 2017
* Abstract submission
Extended to: 15, June 2017

Hosted by Science Education Research Center and ToSEF BK Center, Seoul National University
Under the Auspices of
- Korean Chemistry Society (KCS)
- The Korean Society for School Science (KoSSS)
- Korean Chemical Industry Specialists Association (KCISA)
- International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

Contact us

• Mail to : (Official e-mail) (General Secretariat)




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