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718.601 Topics in Chemistry Education

It provides qualitative methodologies such as interview, classroom observation, and content analysis. This class is for those students who have completed graduate courses on the understanding and the techniques of educational research.  

718.603 Topics in Chemistry Experiment for Teachers

This course covers the principles of instruction in chemistry laboratories, relevant approaches and materials. It also discusses scientific experiments conducted in secondary schools.  

718.613 Advanced Physical Chemistry

This course deals with the chemical dynamics, centering around such topics as thermodynamics of gas and liquid solution, as well as fundamental chemical reactions.  

718.635A Research in Chemistry Education

This course introduces the traditions and techniques used in educational research. It focuses on quantitative research topics such as sampling, assessment, experimental study, and correlational study.  

718.652 Topics in Organic Chemistry

Based upon Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, this course discusses related topics such as substituent effects, medium effects, and linear free energy relations.  

718.653 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

This course provides an in-depth study of materials chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry as well as current issues in inorganic chemistry.  

718.659A Advanced Analytical Chemistry

In this course, we discuss chemical equilibria in reactions among materials, which is fundamental theories of analytical chemistry, and resolution of chemical problems via systematic treatments. The course includes many analytical chemistry topics such as limits in usage of an equilibrium constant, concepts of activity and its calculation, characteristics of electrolyte solutions, chemical reactions in aqueous and nonaqueous solution, solubility, precipitates formation, properties of colloidal solution, formation and titration of EDTA complexes, redox-reaction and titration, electrode kinetics, thermodynamics in solution, and reviews of several analytical methods newly developed.  

718.661 Computer and Chemistry Education

This course discusses the use of CAI, CBI, and the Internet in chemistry education. In addition, the class deals with basic computer languages and programs in order to develop teaching materials.  

718.662 Chemistry Education and Chemistry

SeminarThis seminar is established a field of the following areas by turn: Chemistry Education, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. The course suggests new ideas and what discusses about each distinction, utility through analysis the current study of most recent in the chemistry education or a division of chemistry. It makes a schedule with capturing of subjects of the study through discussion and analyses of results, and makes a paper and report.  

718.664 Biological Applications of Nanomaterials

The objective of this course is to provide students with an over view of current topics in the applications of nanomaterials in bio-related fields. In the first part we will survery the unique properties of nanoparticles which result from the confinement of matter into nanascale features. The preparation and characterization methods of nanomaterials will also be introduced nanomaterials and their applications, which include bioconjungation methods, solution-based probes/ sensors, in vitro and invivo imaging, and nanoparticle therapeutics.


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