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The primary goal of the Department of Chemistry Education at SNU is to educate students to become competent chemistry teachers of secondary education.

The programs of our department are structured to help students to develop their chemistry knowledge and to train students to become experts in teaching.

Our students must take the subjects for general education, courses of the study for the teaching profession, a course of teaching practice to get experience preparatory to become a decent teacher. Especially, to be able to research new fields of chemistry education, students have to take the course of developing principles and methods in teaching chemistry including to develop sicence textbooks, experiment methods, curriculums.

At the same time we offer advanced course of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic their chemistry and experiments. Therefore, students combine their knowledge about the theory of chemistry and experimental chemistry.

Our graduates have diverse careers including chemistry teachers of secondary education, scholars in fields of education, scientists in research institutes who studied graduate school or abroad.


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